Flinn Gallery Artist Talk: Paul Deo

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Greenwich Library
Flinn Gallery

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In the first exhibition of its kind for Greenwich, Beyond Street Art brings the explosive energy of the street to Flinn Gallery. Curated by Ruth Sutcliffe, the exhibition features the work of five prominent urban artists: Swoon, Lady Pink, Billy the Artist, Paul Deo and Blake Jamieson. Bursting with a supercharged array of voices, the exhibition showcases the movement’s range and impact, its freshness, dynamism and continuing relevance.  There will be a series of talks allowing the public to engage with several of the artists over the course of the exhibition. 

Beyond Street Art highlights the work of artists who focus on, but also beyond the unsanctioned urban spaces we normally associate with Street Art. These artists have expanded their palettes beyond spray paint, incorporating brushes, stickers, stencils, wheat-pasted prints, digital imagery and commercial graphics into their varied arsenals. In addition, through their proactive involvement with their communities, often drawing them into the creative process, they reinforce the identity and solidarity of the groups they work with. This exhibition showcases several new directions being taken by this young, fresh and very vibrant movement with provocative new work that speaks to us all.

Deo seeks to harness the communal power of imagination in the spiritual, making video-based multimedia projects, murals, sculptures and canvas works. His work can be seen in Spike Lee’s film Malcolm X. In his words, his art “evokes the collective, drawing upon ancestral oral tradition as well as threads of modern mythology in order to establish a space for communal dialogue”. Evacuated from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina with his 2 children, Paul Deo and his family are now residing in Harlem, NY.

Event Type(s): Art
Age Group(s): Adults
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