Cambodian Music Concert

3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Greenwich Library
Cole Auditorium

Event Details

This concert showcases the breadth of Cambodian music, from popular mahaori* songs, to music used for weddings and dance performances, to the innovative ways some musicians are experimenting with musical traditions. In Cambodia and Cambodian-American communities in the United States, music is used during festivals, ceremonies, and rites of passage, and it is also linked with Cambodians’ national and personal identities. Between songs, the performers will explain the meaning and symbolism as well as their own personal associations with the music. This concert presents a vivid snapshot of Cambodia’s music and the numerous ways in which these musical traditions are linked with people’s lives.

The instruments that will be used during the performance are: Khim (hammer dulcimer), Takay (zither), Roneat (xylophone), Tro Sao (2-stringed fiddle), Sko Dae (hand drum), and the Kse Diev (monochord zither).

Musicians: Song Heng, Sovann Khon, Ya Rath, Kimhan Meas and Jeff Dyer

*Secular music

Event Type(s): Music, Art, Friends
Age Group(s): Adults
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